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Free Shipping on Dog & Cat Tags ! (Chains Excluded)

Design Your Own Personalised Family Birthstone Bracelet Sterling Silver - B081

Original price $39.99 - Original price $47.99
Original price
$39.99 - $47.99
Current price $39.99

This family birthstone bracelet allows you the choose your own birthstone/s or your family birthstones. This is the ideal gift for mum, wife, friends and family!

Bracelet comes with elegant gift box and anti-tarnish polishing cloth :)

It is advisable to measure your wrist before ordering. Size 5 to 5.5 inches is kid's size.

- Genuine 925 Sterling Silver chain
- Genuine 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver chain
- Genuine Gemstones, 4mm (Gemstones sizes and colours are unique, there are some small discrepancies in each sizes and colours)
- Genuine Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated 3mm beads
- Genuine Sterling Silver 3mm beads
- 18k Gold Filled Wire gauge #24, thick gold plating
- Argentium gauge #24 wire, non tarnish and non fading sterling wire
- Nickel free
- Lead free
- Hypoallergenic
- Handmade delicate bracelet, light weight and comfortable to wear

Birthstone Properties:

Garnet - January
- Aids in overcoming depression
- Balances Love & Passion
- Stimulates metabolism
- Good Luck
- Enhance hope

Amethyst - February
The Stone of Spiritual Growth
- Help to ease migraines
- Concentration
- Tranquility
- Purifying
- Balance
- Patience
- Enhance creativity
- Great gift for anyone suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, and addictions

Aquamarine - March
The Soothing Stone
- Gives courage
- Reduces stress levels and quiets the mind.
- Perfect for sensitive personalities
- Tolerance
- Overcomes judgmental thoughts
- Sharpens perception
- Highly protective during pregnancy, discouraging miscarriages.
- Clears confusion
- Promotes self-expression. 
- Soothes fears

Clear Quarts - April
- Amplify energy by releasing, storing and regulating
- Aid concentration and memory
- Helps stimulate immune system
- Balanced out the entire body

Emerald - May
- Hope
- Renewal
- Growth
- Heals Emotional Distress
- Heart Chakra
- Youth

Pearl - June
- Create positive happy feelings
- Concentration and focus
- Tranquility
- Wisdom
- Digestive aid
- Increases fertility and eases childbirth
- Help treating heart problems

Ruby - July
- Stimulates Circulation
- Goal Setting
- Love
- Passion
- Heart & Base Chakra

Peridot - August
- Calms Jealousy & Anger
- Reduces Stress
- Releases Negative Patterns
- Heart Chakra

Sapphire - September
- Attract prosperity
- Happines
- help heal eye issues, cellular levels, and blood disorders
- Peace
- Ease depression, anxiety & insomia

Opal - October
- Antidotes to restless thoughts and racing minds
- Ease stress and depression
- Promote a sense of calm security
- Helps overcome fears of childbirth
- Enhance creativy
- Shield from absorbing other people’s negative thoughts and energies

Pink Tourmaline - October
- Mercy and compassion
- It implies the vibration of giving and caring
- Regenerating energy
- Improves heart and lung function
- It alleviate stress and emotional imbalances
- Balance mental state

Citrine - November
- Attracts Wealth & Prosperity
- Calms Stomach & Digestion
- Enhance creativy and concentration
- Help release negative traits like fear & turn to optimism, motivation and clarity
- Bring enthusiasm and joy

Turquoise - December
- Helps improve the mind, body and soul
- Helps balance your emotions
- Helps improved respiratory problem
- Boost immune system
- Helps improve skeletal problem

Sterling silver is an affordable precious metal, long lasting and durable. With proper care your sterling silver jewelry will last a lifetime. Never wear your sterling silver in a hot tub, mineral spring, swimming pool, or any other chemically treated water. Wearing your jewelry often, may be one of the best ways to keep it looking beautiful and reduce tarnish build-up.