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Free Shipping on Dog & Cat Tags ! (Chains Excluded)

Fertility Bracelet 18k Gold Sterling Silver - B046

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$39.99 - $42.99
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Bracelet comes with gift box and anti-tarnish polishing cloth :)


- Genuine 925 Sterling Silver chain

- 18k Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver chain

- Natural Gemstone Aquamarine, Rose Quartz and Citrine Chips

- Nickel free

- Lead free

- Hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive ears

- Handmade delicate bracelet, light weight and comfortable to wear

Fertility Gemstone Healing Properties:


Aquamarine is a soothing cool headed stone that helps you to give yourself to the flow rather than kick against the tide. It’s also believed to discourage miscarriage. Aquamarine presents a soothing energy that brings peace of mind, helping pregnant women to release worries and fears associated with their pregnancy.

- Rose Quartz

Endless shades of love are captured in the soft feminine energy of Rose Quartz. Forever the heart chakra crystal, this stone surrounds you in loving and compassionate energy – exactly what is needed at any stage of your journey.

- Citrine

Fertility can be a drain in many ways. For those struggling to get pregnant it can be hard to stay positive and for those who are in the throes of a difficult pregnancy, it can be hard on the body, mind, and soul. The merchants stone of Citrine is awash with bright energy and can raise your spirits and keep you riding high.

Sterling silver is an affordable precious metal, long lasting and durable. With proper care your sterling silver jewelry will last a lifetime. Never wear your sterling silver in a hot tub, mineral spring, swimming pool, or any other chemically treated water. Wearing your jewelry often, may be one of the best ways to keep it looking beautiful and reduce tarnish build-up.