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Free Shipping on Dog & Cat Tags ! (Chains Excluded)
Free Shipping on Dog & Cat Tags ! (Chains Excluded)

Chain Link Dog Necklace Customised Collar Australia Gift for Dog Ower 14mm wide Gold – Daisy - DCN003-2

Original price $28.99 - Original price $77.99
Original price
$28.99 - $77.99
Current price $28.99

Introducing our exquisite Dog Necklace, a charming accessory that combines style and comfort to make your beloved canine companion shine. Handcrafted with love and attention to detail, this necklace is designed to add a touch of elegance to any dog's ensemble.
Crafted from high-quality materials, our Dog Necklace features a delicate chain made from durable yet lightweight metal. The chain is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, ensuring utmost comfort for your furry friend. The necklace is available in various lengths, allowing you to find the perfect fit for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Pet tag is optional. Your pet deserves the best quality tags.

Font used in the photo is "Font #3 - Stay Wonderful"

1. Measure the widest part of your pet's neck and add 2 inches for some allowance

1. The collar is custom made and not adjustable, please make sure that you measured your pet's neck before ordering, to save time hassle.
2. This is a fashion collar only, you can't use this as normal collar for walking.
3. The chain is lightweight and can be damaged when use as collar for walking / training.
4. The chain does not normally tarnish, however it can be damaged if exposed to harsh chemical, water and sun.
5. Please be aware that in rare cases for some white fur dogs, discoloration may occur, which is a harmless common reaction to light fur dogs. Please test first if your white dog's fur reacts to metal collar.

- Chain collar is lightweight and comfortable to wear on your pet's neck.
- Chain is made of gold plated aluminium metal, 11mm wide
- Non-toxic and safe for your pet

- Made of High grade solid polished stainless steel, non-tarnished
- Deep engraved with industrial fibre laser
- Sizes: 32mm (for large / medium dog),
            27mm (for Medium/Small dog) &
           25mm (for small dog)

- We offer 10-year guarantee, we will replace your dog tag for free if it is damaged.